I started this business because I had problems finding a suitable vendor that can understand and design according to my style.

So I started to plan out and organize my own wedding, running through all the headache, sorting out the best materials, not only in Singapore, but also across the continents. And I really can say it worth my every seconds spent doing all this as the outcome was beyond expectation!

Along the way, I realized that many couples encounter the same problem.

It is pretty tough to find a vendor that can style your wedding as how you imagine, without thinking you’re a bit crazy.. but yes! That is why Patson Décor is here to help our clients create a wedding beyond the ordinary.

I love to see couples with their eyes dazzling with love and excitement, walking down the aisle and appreciating the art piece that I have created for them. It fulfilled me and warmth my heart.  It really has become my passion!

In long term, we are looking to provide a one-stop service that couples can settle all their requirements, for example Wedding favors, card design, bridal bouquet, as well as bridesmaid & groomsmen necessaries”

– by Mrs. Khoo (Co-Founder)