Solemnization Table Décor Set (NO BACKDROP)


Solemnisation Table Decor Set (NO Backdrop, Backdrop can be rented separately)

This set includes

-A centerpiece for solemnisation table

-Chairs Decor for Bride and Groom (Can be sash and flowers with signage, or only flowers and signage. Based on the design chosen by clients)

-Simple decor for 2 witness chairs

-Simple decor for 1 Solemniser chairs

**Tables and chairs are not included** (can be rented separately)


Available Design

Design A = Blue theme with Hexagon “Better + Together” Signage + Double sheer texture sash
Design B = Pink theme with Italic “Bride + Groom” Signage + Chair Flowers
Design C = Blue theme with Hexagon “Bride + Groom” Signage + Double sheer texture sash